Toronto Psychological Assessments

 Dr. O’Connor offers Toronto Psychological Assessments for children, adolescents and young adults who live in the Toronto or surrounding area. Her Psychological  Assessments increase understanding of the psychological concerns that surface in children, adolescents and young adults. An assessment can also reveal what is contributing to and maintaining these concerns, and lead to evidence based interventions to help.

A Toronto Psychological Assessment Can Help

Psychological Assessments

Dr. O'Connor's Toronto Psychological Assessments integrate a brain/behavior focus and explore various neuropsychological concerns. These include neurocognitive strengths  and weaknesses, as well as learning and academic issues, and  social, emotional and behavioral concerns. Standardized tests include measures of IQ and/or cognitive ability, academic skill levels (e.g. math, reading, spelling and written language) and tests of memory, visual-motor/spatial skills, executive functions, processing speed and problem solving skills, as well as  non-verbal and verbal ability. 

Dr. O'Connor's psychological assessments also explore social, emotional and behavioral concerns.

These include concerns  related to anxiety, depression or attention problems, or acting out behaviors, such as aggression, bullying, or defiance. Social skills may also be a focus of concern, as well as issues related to emotional regulation and impulse control problems.

A psychological assessment explores concerns in these psychological areas, and numerous others. The psychological assessment helps"get to the root of the problem" and what is contributing to and maintaining it, and leads to evidence based solutions to address it.  

Dr. O'Connor's Toronto Psychological Assessments also address trauma related issues. These include  a single traumatic event, for example, a motor vehicle accident, or more chronic, ongoing stressors such as bullying, abuse, maltreatment and attachment breaches, or community or domestic violence. 

School neuropsychological issues  are also the focus  of the psychological assessment. These include concerns, such as learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries (e.g., concussions or mild TBI). Within this context Dr. O'Connor's psychological assessments  explore attention and executive control problems, sensory-motor issues, memory concerns,  processing speed and fluency issues. Her psychological assessments also address social, emotional and behavioral concerns.   

Dr. O'Connor reviews and interprets the assessment findings. Following her review and interpretation of the findings, she meets with you and provides a verbal and written report of her findings. Her report (both verbal and oral) summarizes the assessment findings and includes recommendations to address the issues of concern, and a diagnosis when appropriate. 

Dr. O'Connor's Toronto Psychological Assessments are geared to the specific needs of the young person. Not every child or youth who exhibits a problem needs an extensive evaluation. The  assessment zeroes in on the issues that are of particular concern  for the child, adolescent or young adult, and becomes part of the solution. It leads to evidence based  Interventions  to address the specific problem, or problems that worry you. 

Where Do Your Concerns Lie?

Where do your concerns lie? Do they relate to attention and/or learning problems, or emotional concerns, including depressive symptoms, and anxiety or social problems?

What about aggressive, acting out behaviors? Do you worry about impulse control problems (e.g., emotional, behavioral and cognitive regulation problems)?

Wherever your concerns lie, a psychological assessment can help "get to the root of the problem." The psychological assessment also leads to evidence based solutions to address it.  

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Dr. O'Connor runs her practice, in Toronto (Yonge & St.Clair). She also offers Psychological Testing Services through the Lingyu International Psychology Centre and the Family First Play Therapy Centre in Bradford, Ontario.

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Dr. O'Connor is the author of I Can Be Me-A Helping Book for Children of Alcoholic Parents.

Dr. O'Connor is writing a book on "Financial Elder Abuse". This book will focus on the psychological concerns that intersect with this issue, and how to help prevent this crime from happening to you, a family member or client.