A Child with Behavior Problems?

 Are you worried about a child with behavior problems? Dr. O'Connor, a Toronto psychologist, can help.

Behavior problems in children manifest in different ways. Their presentation varies and is unique to each child. Children with behavior problems may exhibit a range of interconnected psychological concerns, for example, symptoms of depression and anxiety, or learning and attention problems. Or a single, specific concern may dominate. Some children act out their psychological distress and show angry, aggressive behaviors. Whereas other children may internalize their distress, and show withdrawal behaviors and/or symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.  

What Contributes to Child Behavior Problems?

Ongoing chronic stress, and/or a core issue or specific stressor may underlie the behavioral issues and concerns that characterize the child with behavior problems. It is frequently the child's reaction to the stressor and/or stressors, usually negative ongoing stress, and the behaviors he adopts to cope with the stress, which leads to and maintains the psychological concerns the young person is exhibiting.

The interaction of the stressor with other environmental conditions and the child's genetic makeup, along with her coping behaviors, perpetuates the child problem and can result in its escalation. Further, child behavior problems present in different ways in each child, and depend on environmental and genetic factors, which also differ in each child.

A child, for example, who presents with attachment related problems may externalize his distress and behave in an angry, aggressive manner. Yet, another child who shares the same core issue of attachment related problems, may appear withdrawn or overly compliant and "good". She may internalize her distress and show high levels of anxiety and worry.

In addition, each child may exhibit several different problems which interconnect with the core issue. These may include homework problems, worries and fears or social problems.

Interventions for the Child with Behavior Problems

Children who exhibit behavior problems can benefit from individualized interventions designed to address their unique needs. Although similar interventions can help children with similar concerns, and core issues, such children will also benefit from interventions tailored to their unique circumstances, core issues, and stressors. Dr. O'Connor tailors her services to meet the unique needs of the child with behavior problems. No two children are alike, and each child requires individualized assessment and intervention strategies.

Dr. O'Connor's Psychological Assessments  and  School Neuropsychological Evaluations lead to evidence based interventions to address the child behavior problems that worry you. The interventions will differ according to the child's specific needs.

"Remember, "Understanding the Problem is the Key to Solving It."  Dr. O'Connor's Psychological Assessments increase understanding of child problems, and how to help. They can help you  "get to the root" of the child problems that concern you, and lead to evidence based interventions to address them.

Contact Dr. O'Connor about a child behavior problems that worries you.

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