Child Assessments Toronto

Are you worried about psychological problems in a young person and looking for a licensed psychologist who offers child assessments? 

Dr. O'Connor, a Toronto psychologist, offers Psychological Assessment and Testing  services to children, adolescents and  young adults. Her clients include  parents and families in Toronto and the surrounding area. She also provides Psychological Assessments and Testing services at her Barrie, Ontario office where she serves clients in Simcoe County and York Region. She takes referrals from  educational personnel, physicians, pediatricians, personal injury and family lawyers, mental health professionals and organizations, as well as Children's Aid Societies.

Dr. O'Connor's psychological assesssment and testing services reflect her post doctoral training in school neuropsychology. She integrates a school neuropsychological understanding into the psychological testing and assessment services she offers to young people, their families and the helping professionals who work with them. Dr. O'Connor's psychological assessments, including the adolescent and child assessments she offers, help get to "the root" of  the psychological concerns that present in young people, and point to evidence-based solutions to address them.

What Child Problems Worry You?

Are you worried about a young person who is showing school or learning problems? What about social difficulties? Is the young person showing problems getting along with his peers? Is he or she being bullied or excluded by others?  Or is your child the bully and hurting or upsetting others? 

What about behavioral and emotional problems? Is your child showing externalizing problems? Perhaps he or she is acting out at school? Is the young person showing aggressive behaviors, or failing to comply with reasonable adult requests? Or what about internalizing behavior problems like anxiety, depression or withdrawal?

What about neurological issues and concerns, like a concussion or mild TBI, or other acquired brain injury? Or a learning disability, or exposure to toxic substances in utero, or  other neurological concerns like autism and attention problems?

What about trauma related concerns, such as a single acute trauma, for example, a motor vehicle accident? What about the trauma related issues that surface as a result of  complex trauma, such as adverse childhood experiences, for example, attachment breaches, and/or other ongoing and chronic stressors within the family and community? These might include mental health concerns in a parent or family member, such as addiction, or family violence or other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), for example, abuse, or violence in the community. 

Dr. O'Connor offers in depth, comprehensive child assessments to address a range of psychological concerns in children, adolescents and young adults.

A Child Assessment Can Help

A child or adolescent assessment increases understanding of the child problems that worry you, and leads to evidence based solutions to address them. The psychological assessment  explores a range of adolescent and child problems including social, emotional and behavioral concerns, as well as learning problems or academic concerns at  school. The assessment not only helps  get " to the root"  of the child problem, but leads to evidence based  recommendations to address it. 

The child or adolescent assessment addresses a range of childhood issues and concerns. These include social, emotional and behavioral problems and learning difficulties at school. Or neurological concerns, such as a concussion or mild TBI or other acquired brain injury or possibly learning disabilities and autism.

Psychological assessments also address trauma related issues and concerns, either a single acute trauma like a motor  vehicle accident, or the child problems that can surface as a result of more complex or chronic trauma. These might also include ongoing, complex trauma, such as chronic stressors, like abuse or bullying and/or various family and social stressors.

The psychological assessment explores the multiple factors that often interact to contribute to and maintain the child problem that worries you. The assessment becomes part of the solution, and is every bit as critical in addressing the child problem, as the interventions that are developed to address it. As part of the solution the child assessment leads to evidence-based interventions to help promote positive outcomes in the children you care about and work with, despite the psychological challenges they face.

"Understanding the Problem is the Key to Solving It." And a child assessment is the key to developing a comprehensive understanding of the problem and how to address it.

Find out where things are going well and where you need to intervene to help?

Dr. O'Connor offers  Child Assessments  that she tailors to the specific needs of the child or adolescent you are worried about.

To find out more about Dr. O'Connor's Psychological Assessments and services,  click here.

Dr. O'Connor runs her practice, in Toronto (Yonge & St.Clair). She also offers Psychological Assessment and Testing Services at her office in Barrie to clients in the Simcoe County and York Region areas. She provides assessment and testing services through the Lingyu International Psychology Centre.