Toronto Psychological Assessment And Testing

Dr. O'Connor, a Toronto psychologist, offers Psychological Assessment and Testing  services to children, adolescents and  young adults. 

Dr. O'Connor runs her practice, in Toronto (Yonge & St.Clair). She also offers Psychological Assessment and Testing Services at offices in Barrie and Alliston to clients in the Simcoe County and York Region areas. She provides assessment and testing services through the Lingyu International Psychology Centre.

Psychological Assessments

Are you looking for psychological assessment and testing services to explore the psychological concerns that present in a child, adolescent or young adult?

Do you worry about learning or behavioral  problems, or social and/or emotional concerns? 

What about neuropsychological issues in a young person? Does the young person suffer from an acquired brain injury, a learning disability or attention problems? Or neurodevelopmental risk factors such as prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol, or both, or low birth weight and prematurity?  

Do you worry about trauma related issues in a child, adolescent or young adult? Has the young  person experienced a single acute trauma like a motor vehicle accident?  Is he or she showing trauma symptoms associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Or has the young person experienced ongoing, chronic or complex trauma such as exposure to multiple traumatic events that occur within the family, and/or community?  Is he or she showing trauma symptoms such as emotional and/or behavioral dysregulation, social/relationship difficulties and/or high levels of physiological arousal and problems with concentration? 

Are you a young adult searching for psychological testing and assessment services to explore learning issues, such as a learning disability in order to pursue appropriate support at the college or university level? Or are you looking for help around college admission tests, and/or other issues such as behavioral and emotional concerns?

You are not alone!

Children, adolescents and young adults suffer from a range of psychological concerns, from the relatively benign to the more serious. Their families, and the professionals who work with them are searching for help to support these young people. They want to get to "the root" of the problems that inhibit their potentials, and find effective strategies to address them.

Psychological Assessment And Testing Can Help

Dr. O’Connor's Psychological  Assessments increase understanding of the psychological concerns that surface in young people. Her assessments also reveal what is contributing to and maintaining these concerns, and lead to evidence based interventions to support the young person.  Dr. O'Connor's psychological assessments explore a range of concerns including social, emotional and behavioral concerns as well as various cognitive, learning and academic concerns. Her assessments also focus on the child's strengths, a focus which can compensate for the young persons weaknesses or deficits  when developing and applying evidence based interventions and strategies.

Dr. O'Connor's Psychological Assessment and Testing Services incorporate her post doctoral training in School Neuropsychology, and integrate a brain/behavior focus to assess the young person's functioning. This includes his or her strengths and weaknesses across various neurocognitive domains. The school neuropsychological assessment explores the young person's pattern of neuro-cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and how this pattern impacts on his or her learning, and/or  his or her social, emotional and behavioral functioning. 

Areas assessed include intellectual and/or cognitive ability as well as the young person's  academic skill levels (e.g. math, reading, spelling and written language, and his or her functioning  across a range of neuropsychological domains). These include sensori-motor functioning, visual spatial skills, phonological/auditory processing, memory and learning, executive functions, attention, working memory and fluency, processing speed and cognitive efficiency. The  standardized measures in these domains assess the young person's problem solving skills, as well as non-verbal and verbal ability. Language skills are also assessed, as are the young persons' academic functioning levels in reading, written language and math.

To learn more about school neuropsychology, click here.

Dr. O'Connor's Psychological Assessment and Testing Services  also explore social, emotional and behavioral concerns. These too include a school neuropsychological focus, and assess issues related to emotional regulation  and impulse control problems, as well as anxiety, depression, attention problems, and  acting out behaviors, such as aggression, bullying, or defiance. Social skills may also be a focus of concern.

What Psychological Concerns Worry You?

Dr. O'Connor's Psychological Assessment and Testing services help get to "the root" of  the psychological concerns that present in young people, and point to evidence-based solutions to address them. Through her focus on school neuropsychology, and the in-depth comprehensive school neuropsychological assessments she provides, she is able to address a range of school neuropsychcological concerns that present in young people.

These include trauma related issues, such as a single acute traumatic event, for example, a motor vehicle accident. Or  more chronic, ongoing stressors such as bullying, abuse, maltreatment and attachment breaches, or community or domestic violence. Dr. O'Connor's assessments address various learning problems, such as specific learning disabilities, or reading, written language and math disorders. Or acquired brain injuries (e.g., concussions or mild TBI). Dr. O'Connor's assessments also address numerous social, emotional and behavioral concerns such as anxiety, depression, and acting out, aggressive behaviors and anger control problems.

Dr. O'Connor also provides assessments to children who are showing congenital brain injuries such as seizure disorders, or developmental risk factors  (e.g., prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs, environmental toxins, prematurity and low birth weight).  She also provides assessments to children with post traumatic stress disorder and/or complex trauma who are showing behavioral and/or learning problems. 

How Does It Work?

Typically the young person attends two assessment sessions of about three hours each. The assessment results are scored. Dr. O'Connor reviews and interprets the assessment findings, and writes a comprehensive detailed report. Following her review and interpretation of the findings, and her completion of the report, she meets with the client/s and provides a verbal and written report of the assessment findings. The written report provides a comprehensive summary of the assessment results and includes recommendations to address issues of concern, and a diagnosis or diagnoses when appropriate. 

Dr. O'Connor gears her Psychological Assessment and Testing services to the specific needs of the young person. Not every child or youth who exhibits a problem needs an extensive evaluation. Her assessment and testing services zero in on the issues that are of particular concern  for the young person. Her psychological assessments become part of the solution, and lead to evidence based  Interventions to address the psychological concerns that present in the young person.

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