Parenting Help

Are you looking for parenting help to assist with the psychological issues in a young person that worry you? Or are you a mental health, medical or legal professional working with parents who are worried about psychological issues in a young person? Perhaps you are a parent or helping professional  seeking to obtain a Psychological Assessment or a School Neuropsychological Evaluation for a young person. 

Dr. O'Connor, a Toronto Psychologist, can help. Her psychological testing services help "get to the root" of the psychological issues that present in a young person, and lead to solutions to address them.  Psychological assessments explore a wide range of concerns in a young person that trouble parents, or the helping professionals who work with them.     

Parents, and the helping professionals who work with them, are seeking support for a broad range of psychological concerns in young people . These may include a range of developmental concerns like autism, developmental delays  and learning disabilities. Or emotional, behavioral and other psychological concerns, like attention problems. Perhaps the young person is showing  acting out behaviors, or internalizing problems, like depression and/or anxiety. Or what about the young person who has experienced complex ongoing trauma or an acute traumatic event, like a MVA.

What about acquired brain injuries like concussion or TBI?

These are just some of the concerns that worried parents, and the professionals who work with  them, and their children,  seek support for. They seek help to address concerns that extend from the relatively minor, to the more extreme.

What Kind of Parenting Help Are You Looking For?

"Understanding the problem is the key solving it." A Psychological  Assessment helps "get to the root" of the psychological issues in a young person that worry you, and leads to solutions to  address them. To learn more about Dr. O'Connor's Psychological Testing Solutions and how they can help, click here.  

A Psychological Assessment Can Help

Learn more about the psychological problems in a young person that worry you. Where do the young person's strengths lie, and how can you help foster them? Find out how the young person is coping with specific problems and challenges (e.g. divorce, parental addiction, social & learning problems, bereavement)?

What is contributing to and maintaining the psychological issues that worry you? What kind of coping strategies is the young person using to manage  the challenges and stressors in his or her life? How healthy are  these coping strategies?   Would the young person  benefit from support to build increased psychological resilience and  well-being? 

How is the young person doing in key areas of development--the social, emotional, behavioral and learning domains?

How can you promote positive outcomes in the young people you care about and work with, despite the challenges they face?

Take action, set goals and develop a plan. Find parenting help for the psychological concerns in a young person that worry you. Address the young person's needs and foster his strengths.

Learn more about how a Psychological Assessment can help you promote positive out comes in the young people you care about and work with.

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