Alcoholism and Problem Drinking 

Alcoholism and problem drinking  in the family can have an adverse affect on children.  Dr. O'Connor has written I CAN BE ME to help children when alcoholism and problem drinking  is a problem in their families.

Find out what parents, counselors and educators are saying about I CAN BE ME and why they are ordering I CAN BE ME to help children when alcoholism and problem drinking are problems in their family.

What Are People Saying About I Can Be Me?

The School System

"I Can Be Me is superb and very, very accurate-congratulations! Could you please send me another copy? I would also like to distribute I Can Be Me to the school systems, which lack greatly in understanding and information about alcoholism and problem drinking in the family and its effects on children."(a concerned parent and community member)

Adult Children of Alcoholics

"I am an adult child of an alcoholic. I am grown with my own family to protect from the same type of life.I don't think anyone, unless they have experienced it, can relate to this. I would very much like a copy of I Can Be Me. I have four siblings and hope to help them understand a little better what we all experienced because of the alcoholism and problem drinking of our parents. Three of my siblings are alcoholics and one lives a more acceptable life, as I do. We have suffered our share as well, in different ways than our other siblings. The emotions are haunting--the nervous tension and stress we feel. Although a sister and I do not have a problem with alcohol, we still have other bruises that are unhealed today as we enter mid-life. Please send I Can Be Me as soon as possible as I am very anxious to read it." (a concerned parent and sibling)

"Being an adult child of alcoholics - I have, after a number of years in Al-Anon, a smattering of understanding and a tad of wisdom about how the alcoholism and problem drinking of a parent affects children. I believe I Can Be Me will be an active additional book to my present library." (an adult child of alcoholics)

"As a new member of AA and a single parent with two children I am interested in I Can Be Me. I am an adult child of an alcoholic and I truly wish that I had some help as a youngster. At least now there is some help for my kids." (a concerned parent)

What Are Mental Health Professionals Saying?

"I am an ACOA survivor and until I became aware of this concept (problem drinking in the famliy), I was as blind as most professionals in the social services to this problem. I use I Can Be Me to help the families I work with. I find it a very useful resource."(school counselor)

"As an MSW intern at a local counseling center I am being confronted with the problems acquired by the families who live with an alcoholic member. I would like to include I Can Be Me in my resource library." (social worker)

"I Can Be Me is an excellent resource for the behavioral program in our agency and I am sending a copy to the director of this program." (a youth counselor)

"I am planning to use I Can Be Me to facilitate a group for 8 to 12 year olds of addicted parents. I was impressed with the exercises and hope other professionals will appreciate I Can Be Me as muchas I have." (Psychologist, Children's Out Patient Department)

Parents and Other Family Members

"My children, aged 10 and 12, have grown up with an alcoholic father and, for many years, with a mother who did not handle the situation very well. I Can Be Me is the resource I need to help them."( a concerned parent)

Please send me a copy of I Can Be Me. It is for my grandson, as his father, my son, is an alcoholic. I am sure it will help my grandson to read this book." ( A concerned grandmother).

"I Can Be Me helped me to understand my son's experiences and feelings, while providing me with support to begin working with him on the issues we both needed to face."(Recovering mother of 9 year old boy)

School Counselors

"I work professionally with troubled adolescents who have behavior problems and it is so unusual to find an adolescent who hasn't come from an active alcoholic environment. I am anxious to receive I Can Be Me to help these children."(school counselor)

"I have recently taken a position as a school counselor and I use I Can Be Me to support the children I work with." (school counselor)

"I encountered a situation in a school I serve where alcohol was a significant factor in a serious sexual abuse situation. I was glad to have I Can Be Me at hand." (Guidance Counselor)

Teachers and Educational Personnel

"I am a teacher and I Can Be Me has been a useful resource for my students." (elementary school teacher)

"I am currently seeking a divorce from an alcoholic, abusive man. I am seeing a therapist to help me make changes so my children and I can begin to live a more healthy and fulfilling life in the future. I will use I Can Be Me to help our children understand our problems. I will also use it at work to help educate the children under my care who could use this resource." (a concerned parent and educational assistant)

Addiction Treatment Centers

"Since our client population is getting younger their children are, of course, in a younger age bracket. I have become increasingly aware of the need to address the effects of problem drinking in the family as it pertains to this young population. I, therefore, welcome the opportunity to use I Can Be Me to assist these children." (Nurse Counselor at an Addiction Treatment)

"Excellent and much needed. I CAN BE ME offers children hope and a sense of control when problem drinking is an issue for their parent." ( Therapist, Addiction Treatment Center)

"I CAN BE ME" Can Help

When alcoholism and problem drinking in the family affects children -- parents, counselors and teachers want to help the children. Does the addiction of family member  affect the children you care about and work with? Do you want to support children when alcoholism and problem drinking in the family affects them?

"I CAN BE ME" can help you--help children when problem drinking contributes to stress in children and their families.

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 ORDER I CAN BE ME and help children when alcoholism and problem drinking in the family effects them.

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