Dr. O'Connor Can Help

Building Potential, Psychological Well Being & Competence

"Your assessment and report has helped the professionals at Michael's new school understand and address his needs. The psychologist, special education resource teacher and speech- language pathologist think your report is fabulous. Concise, yet so much useful material to assist them in getting up to speed on his needs and developing a program for him. They adored your recommendations and found your assessment thorough. I thought you would like to know how other professionals view your work and how helpful they found your report. Consequently, they were able to start implementing a program to assist him right away. I am so appreciative that I received such a great product, which is still useful almost a year later. I think it was really, really well done." - (A grateful parent of an extremely bright child with auditory processing and language difficulties. He had moved to a new school and country and required special education interventions to help him achieve his potential.)

"Thank you for providing such a thorough and insightful assessment. It was a pleasure to work with you on this. Your recommendations are most helpful and will assist John in meeting his true potential." - (Mother of ADHD Child, who was also assessed with auditory processing problems.)

"Thank you for your insight and patience. We really appreciated your professionalism and directness and your help in understanding James’ needs and how to assist him in moving forward toward increased competence and success." - (Parents of an underachieving child)

"Thank you for your encouragement and support. Anthony is doing well in the gifted program and your assessment helped to make this possible." - (Parents of a gifted child)

Thanks for the report. It was a pleasure to meet you and get a summary of the report before reading it. I especially appreciate the comprehensive recommendations/strategies for helping David achieve his potential at school. Thank you for all your efforts. (Parents of a child Dr. O'Connor diagnosed with a Learning Disability (working & long term memory problems)

During the years I have worked with Dr. O'Connor I have found her to be an exceptionally competent professional, who is perceptive, dependable and thorough. Her verbal and written reports are understandable and her recommendations are always practical and feasible. (A Helping Professional)

Thank you so much for your time and expertise regarding my daughter, Anna. It is so appreciated.-- (mother of an autisitic child)