Addiction & School Counselor Resources

People who buy school counselor resources ORDER "I CAN BE ME". So do Addiction Counselors, Employee and Student Assistance Counselors, Teachers and other Counselors. Parents who are looking for Parenting Books to support a child whose parent suffers from alcoholism or another addictive problem also order "I CAN BE ME."

School Counselor Resources & and Other Supportive Settings

 "I CAN BE ME" helps the children you care about and work with, when parental addiction is a concern.

Add "I CAN BE ME" to your collection of school counselor resources.

Or use "I CAN BE ME" in other counseling settings.

Parents and other family members can also order "I CAN BE ME" to help their children when parental addiction, or the addiction of another family member, is a problem in their families.

Who Has Ordered "I CAN BE ME"?

(1) Parents and Concerned Family Members

(2) Student Assistant Programs, Guidance and School Counselors

(3) Addiction Treatment Centers

(4) Children's Aid Society Workers

(5) Family Service Organizations

(6) Parent Resource Centers

(7) School Boards, Teachers and Other School Based Professionals

(8) Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and Other Counselors

(9) Hospital Clinics, Physicians, Public Health Nurses and Counselors

(10) Children's Mental Health Treatment Centers

(11) Employee Assistance Programs

(12) School Drug Prevention Programs

(13) Community Drug Prevention Programs

(14) Parent and Family Resource Centers

(15) Youth Workers

(16) Crisis Centres

(17) Book Stores

(18) Native Indian Organizations

(19) Clergy and Pastoral Care Centers


If you work in schools and are looking for counselor resources you can order "I CAN BE ME.".

With "I CAN BE ME" you can help children who are growing up in families where substance abuse is a problem.

Counselors working with families and children in other settings also use "I CAN BE ME" to help children of alcoholic parents.

So, too, can parents who want help for their children when addiction is a problem in their families.

Whether you are searching for resources to use with children in a school setting, other counselor resources or parenting help, "I CAN BE ME" can help you, help the children you care about and work with.

ORDER "I CAN BE ME" and help children when problem drinking or drug abuse in the family affects them.

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