Seminars and Workshops:

Dr. O'Connor offers a range of Training and Work Shop Sessions. This focus includes the child problems that worry parents and that professionals and organizations encounter in their work with children and their families.

Workshops and training sessions also address child/youth concerns including parental addiction and its effects on the child. This latter service shows parents and mental health professionals how to address the needs of children whose parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Similar workshops/training sessions address the concerns of parents and professionals when parental problems, like depression and anxiety hurt children. Child stress is also an important focus, as are neuropsychological concerns, such as concussion and TBI, and attachment issues and trauma. For a representative sample of Dr. O'Connor's presentations, click here.

To ask Dr. O’Connor a question about this or any other service, click here.

Dr. O'Connor is the author of "I CAN BE ME" a Helping Book for Children of Alcoholic Parents.