Child Learning Problems

Are you worried about child learning problems? Do you wonder how to help when child problems are school related?

School problems span the range of childhood concerns. They include problems paying attention, underachievement, limited motivation and lack of persistence, effort and commitment, as well as behavior and social problems within the school setting. .

Emotional problems can interfere with learning, or are the direct consequence of learning problems. Child Anxiety, for example, not only inhibits academic success but can also be a direct consequence of learning problems.

In addition, child depression is often a factor in learning problems. When children are depressed they have difficulty learning at school. School problems, in turn, may act as a stressor that either contributes to or exacerbates depression in children. Some children who experience learning problems internalize their distress and appear withdrawn and passive.

Others may act out their frustration and exhibit behavior problems. They become aggressive, defiant and refuse to comply.

Some children appear bored and disinterested in school. They do what is required and achieve adequate results. But you know they can do better. They are not achieving to their potential.

What Contributes to Child Learning Problems

Multiple factors contribute to learning problems in children. These can include neurological concerns like Learning Disabilities or Acquired Brain Injuries. Children who experience family problems may also develop learning problems. Children of Alcoholic parents, for example, are at increased risk of experiencing child learning problems.

Find out more about children of alcoholic parents and how you can help.

Learning to Read

Perhaps the most important achievement in school is learning to read. Difficulties with reading can contribute to learning problems in all subject areas.

Competent readers possess a range of skills. Research suggests that children who possess strong phonic skills read well. Children must learn that the letters of the alphabet correspond to specific sounds. Studies demonstrate that phonological awareness results in better reading skills.

Other Learning Problems

Children with adhd also experience learning problems, as do children who present with a learning disability.

Some children have trouble organizing themselves to complete successful assignments. Others have difficulty understanding lesson content and concepts. They may learn more slowly than their peers.

What about the gifted child? Do you have concerns about a child who seems unusually bright? Do you wonder how you can help? Bright children frequently have different learning needs and can also experience learning problems at school.

Contact Dr. O' Connor about the child learning problems that concern you. Or find out how a Psychological Assessment or a school neuropsychological evaluation can increase your understanding of learning problems and how to help.