Child Behavior Problems

Are you worried about a child behavior problem? You are not alone. Dr. O'Connor, a Toronto psychologist, offers Psychological Assessments, School Neuropsychological Evaluations and Behavior Consultations to help increase your understanding of child and adolescent problems and how to help.

Behavior problems in children span a range of childhood issues and concerns. These range from school and learning problems, to social, emotional and behavioral problems..

What Lies "At the Root" of Child Behavior Problems?

Dr. O'Connor's services help you "get to the root" child and adolescent problems."

Find out what  is contributing to and maintaining them, and how to help.

Social interactions, in particular, those involving the significant adults in a child's life, shape the child's brain, and how it functions.This, in turn, predisposes the child to behave in specific ways when faced with various situations and/or the stressors in his life

When the child enjoys positive attachment bonds, she is likely to show healthy coping skills and demonstrate positive social interactions with others. Conversely, when the child develops an insecure attachment bond with his primary caregivers, she is more likely to show behavior problems, and poor coping strategies.

Similarly, behavior problems in children, like difficulties managing emotions, paying attention or concentrating, or social or learning problems, are often reactions to stress. These concerning behaviors serve as protective strategies, which the child relies on to defend against the stressors and threats he perceives.The adolescent or child lacks healthy coping strategies, and is unsure of how to proceed in positive ways to ease his fears and distress.  He resorts to faulty coping strategies that often manifest as child behavior problems. 

Who Can Benefit From Dr. O'Connor's Services?

  • Parents who are concerned about their children and are unsure of how to help,.
  • Teachers who have concerns about the behavior a specific student, or group of students exhibits.
  • Counselors or other professionals who seek further information or training to address the child problems that are the focus of their practice or the parents they work with.
  • Schools, Treatment Centers and other Organizations and Non-Profit Agencies who want to consult about the children they serve or set up helping programs to assist them.
  • Other Professionals (e.g. lawyers, physicians) who want to consult around concerns that pertain to a particular child.
Dr. O'Connor offers Psychological Assessment Services to help you get to "the root" of the child or adolescent problems that worry you.

"Understanding the Problem is the Key to Solving It." Dr. O'Connor's services, including her Psychological Assessments and School Neuropsychological Evaluations, increase understanding of child problems, and lead to evidence based interventions to address them.

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