Child Behavior Problem Consultations

"Are you worried about a child behavior problem?" Dr. O'Connor offers consultations to help with child problems of all kinds. Consult Dr. O'Connor and learn more about child problems and how to help. You can consult with Dr. O'Connor at her Toronto office or by telephone and/or e-mail.

Who Can Benefit from a Child Behavior Problem Consultation?

  • Parents who are worried about a child's behavior and are unsure of how to help.
  • Teachers who have concerns about child behavior and are searching for help to address it.
  • Counselors or other professionals who seek further information or training to address the child  problems that are the focus of their practice, or concern the parents they work with.
  • Schools, treatment centers and other organizations and nonprofit agencies who want to consult about the children they serve, or set up helping programs to assist them.
  • Other professionals (e.g. lawyers, physicians) who want to consult about concerns that pertain to the child issues that impact on their practice.

Dr. O'Connor offers counseling and consulting sessions for parents and professionals who are worried about child and adolescent concerns, and searching for support to address them. Consultations are offered by telephone, email or at her Toronto office.

Consultation or Supervision Services for Professionals and Organizations: These focus on the child problems professionals and organizations encounter in their work with children and their families. Dr. O'Connor reviews case histories, psychological and neuropsychological reports and assessments and advises regarding issues that are pertinent to a particular case.

Consultations to organizations address child/youth concerns, including parental addiction and its effects on children. This latter service shows parents and mental health professionals how to address the needs of children whose parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Dr. O'Connor also assists organizations in setting up programs to meet the needs of these children and their families.

Dr. O'Connor consults with:

  • Parents and families who are concerned about a child and looking for solutions to help.
  • Professionals (educators, lawyers, physicians, counselors, insurance companies and employee assistance programs).
  • Addiction Treatment Centers, Social Service Agencies and Educators.
  • Dr. O'Connor also reviews psychological and neuropsychological reports, IEP's, school reports and psychological assessments and offers her opinion and recommendations.

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Remember, "Understanding the Problem is the Key to Solving It.  A child behavior consultation can increase understanding of child problems and how to help. 

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